Hike into a Beautiful Milestone!!

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With all the fiber in my body and  love in my heart  I would like to wish my brother a Happy 40th birthday.  40 years of life and 37 of them, I  must say, I have been truly blessed to share them along with you.

The week preceding  your birthday I struggled with things to do and objects to buy in order to show symbolism of  the life you have lived and whats to come.  As I flipped through magazines, searched web sites, and made phone calls, there was literally nothing that struck my interest to show a such sentiments.  I slept on it with hopes of GOD’S vision and answer to my struggling task.

Well the day came, April 15, 2017,  yes today had arrived and myself along with my wife, my brother’s girlfriend embarked on an hour and forty-five minute commute to Panther Creek Falls in North Georgia.  We started later than what intended, which was okay because I compared that to life, knowing that at times we start on our travels a little later than others.

We knew nothing about this trail, only that it was a 3.5 mile hike.  We started with energy and excitement. There was a path  that we followed and everything seemed  great. The weather was beautiful and air with the smell of pine in the air.  We were about a mile in when faced  with a narrow trail and steep hills.  The look down filled in an abundance with shrubs and fallen trees that overlooked a flowing creek.

We slipped at times, we laughed, we struggled. There were times that we, probably more than once, thought about stopping and turning around, but when we thought about how long we had come it motivated us to move forward.  We stopped, took pictures, laughed, talked, sweated, complained, helped one another up cliffs and moved forward. We breathed hard and comforted one another. We gave inspirational support and encouraged one another that we were there to reach a bigger goal.

Finally, we had come to the end, there it was after a 3 hour hike through turbulence and terrain,  this beautiful more than 20 foot waterfall with gorgeous sparkling water flowing. It was at this time I realized what this was for. This was my gift to you. The travel the ups and downs the stops and go’s; this was an ode to your life from me.  Something so simple to come up with, yet so necessary and beneficial at the same time. Every thing made sense. Like the rocky, long hike, life can get hard, the road can get challenging, however if you just stay your course the reward is well worth it. The water fall was that reward, refreshing, symbolic of  renewal of life purity and remembrance of knowing that as long as you awake each day you’re blessed with a new life.

My brother, it is never too late to start over again, right the wrongs and start a new journey. I encourage you to go into your 40’s with a new sense of rejuvenation. Take what you have experienced today and always reflect upon it. When the times get troubling, know that there will be those who love you that will help you along the way and know that life is a journey,  the destination will be well worth it and only you can determine your purpose.

Embrace your new years, stay strong like the river currents, take each step with care and confidence, and never fear of what waits you ahead. Enjoy your journey, love every aspect of life and in the words of Bruce Lee ” Become like water my friend”.

Happy Birthday to the best brother ever!!!!!


-Lee A. Prophet,  Editor in Chief




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  1. As I sit here with tears forming in my eyes and thanking God for blessing me with parents that raised my brother and I to love each other through thick and thin I’m almost at a lost of words. By far my brother went above and beyond along with his wife and my girlfriend to make this 40th a memorable one. Sometimes life passes people by and they realize at the last minute that they never cherished the love ones around them. I can truly say i love my family and especially my brother with every part of my body. There’s times he inspires me to have the faith and the strength he has. I actually look up to him as the perfect family man that set goals and expectations for his family to aim for. I love him and have truly enjoyed watching him grow into the man he has become. He has found his calling and drive to inspire others through his word play and out of the box thinking with his blogs.
    So I say thank you my brother and spread your wings with the gift God has given you and become fully invested by sharing with the world. We have washed the pass away and been given a fresh start.
    I love you and pray God grants us 40+ more years to continue to enjoy our brotherhood.( Lee A. Prophet ).

    Charon K. Prophet

  2. Beautiful!
    True brotherly love!!!
    Just think! If the world had more people to love more and hate less- what a beautiful world it would be. Continue to share the beauty you see in others. It may become contagious! A true blogger.

  3. The experience was something I only talked about….but to actually accomplish it….put a sense of empowerment on my spirit. I’ve always felt that I was a strong person….being able to to do many things…for my family and friends….but when it came to doing things for me….that would go overlooked…this was personal…and it was for me…and it was just a bonus to have experienced it with my husband….my best friend….I appreciate the push!!!

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