About us

I created emop with the idea of bringing to light the progression of the every day “Black Man”.  Rather working 9 to 5, entrepreneur, or staying at home, I created this blog to help, support as well as compliment the hard-working man of color.  Today we have become so accustomed to the everyday facade of celebrity exploitation, that we have chosen to compete with the “in” crowd and completely ignore those who still attack life with courage, dignity, faith, generosity, love, compassion and persistence.  Well, wait no longer. This is the outlet that will do just the opposite.  As a black man who was raised, along with my brother, by a father who was a product of a single mother household; I hope this blog will serve as an ode to him and all that exemplify the very importance of the todays Ebony Man of Progression.

Lee A. Prophet, Founder and Owner, Editor in Chief